About PaparArtzy Gallery

PaparARTzy Gallery is unique contemporary online art gallery designed specifically for student artists to display and sell original art (www.paparartzy.com). The idea for the gallery came about in 2012; however, the gallery site was launched in June 2015.  Since its launch, we have 50 registered artists (25 of whom are showcasing their artwork), and 250 individuals registered as buyers.

How we came about:

The Gallery was founded in response to student artists who indicated that they were having difficulty establishing themselves on the available art websites which featured crafts as well as artworks.  Some students wanted a unique place to market themselves, and others wanted the experience to be able to sell their artwork themselves.  PaparArtzy Gallery was developed to provide these options to student artists; it provides them the opportunity to share their original artwork for free, promote themselves, and also to sell their art.

Our mission:

The primary objective of Paparartzy Gallery is to support artists while providing the general population access to affordable artwork.  Our mission is simple; we seek to be the solution that gives student and emerging artists a forum to sell their art. By so doing, Paparartzy Gallery stands to become a global household name brand and maintain a position as a major part of the youth culture.  Our mandate is two-fold:

  1. Paparartzy Gallery seeks to support student and emerging artists by: promoting various artworks done by student artists online; providing students with an online forum to showcase and promote their art portfolios prior to graduating to make them more marketable post-graduation; and by assisting student artists to increase their portfolios through the sale of their artwork;

  2. Paparartzy Gallery also seeks to provide art enthusiasts the opportunity to support student artists and provide them access to affordable artworks

Our uniqueness:

Unlike other online galleries, Paparartzy Gallery is uniquely designed for student and emerging artists. It also has a unique model of letting the student and emerging artists (‘the artists’) be the sellers of the artwork.  The Gallery facilitates the purchase and sale transactions between the sellers (artists) and the buyers by offering a risk free environment.  The artists (sellers) register and create accounts at the Gallery for free.  The artists then upload images of their original artworks (no reproductions are accepted at the Gallery) and list the artwork for sale.  Paparartzy believe that student artists deserve to benefit from the maximum possible amount of net profits from the sale of their artwork.  For this reason, student artists receive up to 75% of the net sale proceeds, the highest earnings in the industry.  This makes the Gallery attractive to artists. Also, there are no registration fees, and no listing fees. 

Vision and Values

Our vision is to enable every person to tap into their passion for creating art, and to provide the space for every on to embrace their inner artist/creativity. We value:

·         Passion

·         Creativity

·         Integrity

·         Fun

·         Community engagement

·         Respect

·         Excellence

·         Copyright Policy


Paparartzy.com is, unless otherwise stated, the owner of all copyright and data rights in the Service and its contents. Paparartzy does not claim ownership rights in Your Content. Ensure you read the PaparArtzy Copyright policy and Terms of use.

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